11 May 2020

Crowdsource ideas in the context of SMART CITY VIENNA

The current situation challenges creativity and innovation – this is where smart cities come in and crowdsourcing can contribute. Smart cities develop together with their inhabitant’s solutions for tomorrow.

A smart city is an urban area that uses information and communication technology, IoT and other sensors or devices to collect data and effectively manage resources based on this data (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_city). Such solutions can be developed best together with the relevant stakeholders.

Crowdsourcing platforms can be used to share and develop innovative ideas between people, innovation hubs, companies and city governments. Smart Cities use crowdsourcing to seek innovative ideas focused on one area of smart city development. 

This will also be one of the topics of our SCALE project. Based on a challenge e.g. in the context of the Smart City Vienna vision, a crowdsourcing challenge with the platform www.helloinnovators.net will be developed and conducted.

A nice example in the context of crowdsourcing and the Smart City Vienna projects is the aspern mobil LAB, developing innovative mobility ideas together with a community. The aspern.mobil LAB creates space for innovation in the Urban Lakeside City of Aspern, in which science, administration and companies, together with residents, contribute to the development of sustainable urban mobility.

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