18 May 2020

Digitale Heimat Paderborn

Digitale Heimat – this means the digitalization of city and region of Padeborn in the west of Germany.

Paderborn is one of five digital model regions in NRW that are supported by the state. The city of Paderborn is now the first leading municipality to receive a funding notice to implement digitization projects.

Paderborn citizens participate in numerous #Digiloges on various topics such as «Work 4.0» or «autonomous mobility» and thus shape the many pilot projects with their own needs and ideas. Within the framework of the individual projects, which are mostly funded by the state and implemented in real laboratories, the first successes are already becoming apparent.

The ongoing development is reflected in innovative and creative projects that aim to enrich life.This is intended to create the greatest possible comfort for citizens in all areas of life. Many of these special «everyday helpers» may not be recognized as digitization projects at first glance, but they are in the midst of a far-reaching digitization strategy for the city of Paderborn as well as the surrounding area and the whole of Ostwestfalen Lippe.


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