17 Abr 2020

NIVALIS: Smart Solar City

Today we want to introduce you the first project that will take part on the SCALE Mobility Programme. NIVALIS: Smart Solar City

NIVALIS is the first ecologically sustainable and intelligent urban development in Spain and an international reference, capable not only of integrating diverse and complementary uses, but also of fostering interaction between residents and visitors and creating a balanced model of cohabitation and co-working through knowledge diffusion and induction of positive conducts.

A place to live, work, enjoy, learn and share knowledge in the metropolitan area and next to Sierra Nevada, without sacrificing quality of life and the highest level of urban services.

NIVALIS aims for: Activating the territory, Creating a destination of excellence, Promoting new associative community models, Implementing global sustainability strategies, Integrating into the landscape.

The NIVALIS team: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, ARUP, Grant Associates, U·rb atelier.

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