19 Mar 2019

Valladolid Kick off meeting:

A real innovation experience

From 30th to 31st of January 2019 the kickoff meeting of a SCALE -Smart cities advanced learning- project was held in Valladolid -Spain- The main objective of the project is to incorporate transversal competences into the smarts cities educational programs.

WUSMED participate in the meeting presenting itself and its role in the project (be in charge of the dissemination and take part in the curriculum design and development). Other partners are coming from Graz -Austria and Bielfeld -Germany. -A university and a company from each country-

The meeting was done at the University of Valladolid -Faculty of Computer Engineering- and contained a visit to the smart city team of the Municipality of Valladolid. 

In whole it was a very profitable and interesting starting point of the project.